What Is Reiki?

Reiki is the life energy that exists within all living things. With the understanding that everyone has the ability to access this healing energy, Reiki Practitioners strengthen this energy within themselves in order to help others. Optimal wellness is associated with one’s “Ki”, or energy, flowing strongly and uncorrupted.  When the energy gets blocked or becomes weak, it can result in symptoms of emotional or physical imbalance. Reiki sessions assist in healing the body on all levels- emotional, spiritual, and physical.

History of Reiki

The most common form of Reiki today is Usui Reiki.  This practice originates with its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui.  Dr. Usui was born in 1865 into a wealthy Buddhist family.  From childhood he studied at a Buddhist monastery where he learned swordsmanship, martial arts, and Chi Kung. All the while Dr. Usui had his mind set on obtaining the knowledge of healing himself and others by the laying of hands. The system he created is not associated with any specific religion or belief and it is accessible to all who wish to utilize it.

Throughout Dr. Usui’s of training in the monastery, he attended his own training rediscovery course in a cave on Mount Kurama. For 21 days, Dr. Usui fasted, meditated and prayed. On the morning of the twenty-first day, Dr. Usui experienced an event that would change his life forever. He saw ancient Sanskrit symbols that helped him develop the system of healing he had been struggling to invent. Usui Reiki was born. After his spiritual awakening on Mount Kurama, Dr. Usui established a clinic for healing and teaching in Kyoto.  Before Dr. Usui passed away, he taught several Reiki masters to carry on his healing practice. 

Modern Day Reiki

As we move into an age where our lifestyles are so divorced from nature, we are increasingly required to live in conscious partnership with our body’s energy systems to live abundantly and healthfully. Today, those who practice Reiki use the same methods developed by Dr. Usui in the 1800’s. Modern Reiki Masters offer Reiki energy to others through gentle static light pressure touch using the traditional Reiki hand positions.  These healings can also be offered over long distance.  Reiki healing can be used in an abundance of medicinal therapies, and it can coincide with traditional medicine.  It can be used to assist in healing pain, illness, disease, and more.